Thursday, November 3, 2011


Awas..awas gerak langkahmu Oooo..

Ok, ni nak cakap sikit untuk stalker kat blog aku ni..aku tau blog aku tak famous mane pun tapi aku tau ade silent readers yang bace blog aku sebab aku boleh detect kat statistic blog ni..

Aku appreciated sangat-sangat orang yang spend time untuk bace blog aku..tak kisah lah as silent readers pun dan tak jadi follower..

So, ape yang aku tulis ni untuk silent readers a.k.a stalker..yang sibuk nak tahu pasal hal aku with attention to destroy my future..sorry tapi aku memang geram sangat..whatever i wrote in this blog is about my PERSONAL life which not even related to other please don't u ever use my blog as a something that u want to create a bad story about me..i don't need to mention who are u because u know who u are..

Anythings that i did before 9am and after 6pm, is about my PERSONAL life..

The right to have a blog also about my PERSONAL it just like i need to update something with limited topics..nonsense..this is FREEDOOM country..

I know there is a people yang tak ade kerja sanggup ni stalk hidup orang then create a bad story without knowing the head & tail of the rude..

I'm really angry and sad to hear about this but i have my right and please don't u ever touch about my PERSONAL life just because u don't have your own "life"..and please bear in mind that stop pretending that u're good because i know the true colors of  u..sedih bile orang macam ni ade dekat dunia ni..tolong lah insaf..

Aku tak kacau hidup ko, dan ko jangan kacau hidup